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October 2019- Pew Productions have their first professional job with Costa coffee featuring original choreography by Corina and Rosie

September 2019- London based dance college, Creative Academy invites Rosie to teach a contemporary dance workshop and hold a mock audition. 

August 2019- New shots with the Portfolio Collective


June/July 2019- Rosie starts touring as a backup dancer for American pop ICON Anastacia

May 2019- Rosie stars alongside 3 powerhouse women in Oneness, a physical theatre play created by Emmanul Akwafo and choreographed by Liliana Tavares .


April 2019- Cineworld release their Unlimited Card Campaign.

March 2019- Rosie models for jewellery company Adornment Archive 

February 2019- Corina Wursch and Rosie create a mini dance video while sitting in a church pew. This experience leads them to establish 'Pew Productions'

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 13.15.58.png

January 2019- In collaboration with Australian dance studio Thirroul Dance Academy, Rosie heads back to her home land to share some of her experiences through various dance workshops


December 2018- Rosie and Georgina Caird team up to produce 5 dance videos for their new dance company 'Ephemera'

November 2018- Rosie choreographs and dances in a special marriage proposal flashmob in Leicester Square.

October 2018- HSBC release their latest 'Mind Your Business' advert featuring Roseanna as a barista.

September 2018- Roseanna works as movement director for County Mall's fall fashion campaign with Silvertip Films.

August 2018- Curly hair brand DIZZIAK approaches Roseanna to be part of their online campaign. She absolutely loved working with Loretta and her team and loves these banging shots (pun intended)

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 15.23.19.png

July 2018- Teaming up with the guys at Mocap Studios, Roseanna's movements are transformed into a crazy, fluffy, colourful monster - a friendly one of course.


June 2018- Modelling for 36 EXP. All shots were taken in and around Waterloo.


May 2018- Roseanna returns to where it all began, New York! She continues her training at Broadway Dance Centre and Peridance Capezio Centre.

April 2018- Naseeb premiers at the Troxy Theatre featuring original choreography by Roseanna and an amazing team of dancers.

March 2018- Appearing in CID's music video 'Bad For Me' Directed by Jimi Drosinos showcasing her bubblegum blowing skillz.

February 2018- In collaboration with with Alyx Steele at TrueLove, Roseanna has new portfolio shots taken.

January 2018- Roseanna commences role as choreographer for the new Bollywood Live Secret Cinema event, 'Naseeb'

December 2017- Roseanna is featured in Valentine's new single "Everything's on Me" 

November 2017- Roseanna starts her own VLOG. Documenting the many different things she experiences weekly.

October 2017- Exclusive photoshoot with American based photographer Morgan Sessions. 

September 2017- Roseanna is featured in Curlsmith's campaign for their new organic, vegan curly hair product.

August 2017- Roseanna completes the #mouvement21 dance challenge. An improvisation building exercise  using Instagram as her platform for sharing. 

July 2017- Boots Chemist release their summer advert. 

June 2017- Maxy Razor releases his dance video to POWER by Little Mix 

May 2017- Roseanna signs to Love Rudeye Agency and is cast in the 'Walk this Way' campaign for  Pepe Jeans in Piccadily Circus.

April 2017- Roseanna teams up with Mowgli Studios for their latest online campaign

March 2017- Roseanna travels to Barcelona to dance for Samsung at their annual forum.

January 2017- Roseanna moves to London and signs with Longrun Artistes. She also commences dance training at Pineapple Dance Studios. 

February 2017- Roseanna is cast alongside Rita Ora in Rimmel's latest commercial. #livethelondonlook 

December '16: Roseanna and Tessa Fairey co-produce and choreograph four different dance videos at Gibney Studios in NYC. Shot by David Van Keuren.

November '16: Concept Video to Meghan Trainor's "Lip's are Moving"

Choreographed by Whitney G-Bowley, Directed by Juan Ma Pozzo and co-produced by Roseanna, Whitney and Eddy Lee. 

October '16: Concept video to Chiulli's "Stereotype" choreographed by Morris Parker and shot by Alan Tan of Unique Movement Films. 

September '16: Still taken from music video shoot for Stylezz song "Gypsy Girl". Choreographed by Pearrie Hammi.

August '16: Michael V. Doane's music video "I Remember." Directed by William Murray

July '16: Roseanna receives a special choreography grant on Governor's Island in New York thanks to Barton Booth's Make Room series.

June '16: Current Harbor's beach shoot taken the day before Roseanna performed in front of a 32 piece orchestra! (vid to come)

May '16: Australian band Shining Bird release their 'Hellava Lot' music video. 

Directed by Dane Taylor and Dave Fox.

April '16: Dance video shoot to Desiigner's "Panda" choreographed by Taquan Gresham, Filmed by Alan Tan at Unique Movement Films.

March '16: Roseanna is featured in a Hulu commercial shot in Williamsburg. Produced by HUGE Inc. Directed by Jay Buim.

February '16: Dance Video to One Direction's "Olivia" shot on a freezing morning in Central Park. Directed and choreographed by Brad Landers! Cinematography by Joe DiGiovanna feat. Evan Montgomery 



January'16- Roseanna is featured on Yeasayer's new album 'Amen & Goodbye'. Cover art also includes sculptures by David Altmejd. 

December'16- Dancing alongside Australian band 'Shining Bird' at the FBI SMAC radio showcase in Sydney's Carriageworks. Roseanna also had the privilege of working with them on their latest music video 'Hellva Lot'.

November '15- Roseanna performed at the annual showcase of the Vanessa Long Dance Company to a sold out audience at The Celebration of Whims Theatre.


October '15- Founding member of the all female Broadway rendition group 'Femme'. Composed of entirely International performers. Seen here in'Big Spender' from Sweet Charity. 

September '15- Velvet Underground groupie in the new HBO TV series, Vinyl produced by Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence Winter, starring Bobby Cannavale, Olivia Wilde and Ray Romano.

August '15- Whitney G-Bowley's 'GIG with Jenna Nicholls, Call and Response'- Featuring choreography by Broadway Stars: Danny Gardner, Dana Moore, Erika Shannon and Bret Shuford.

July '15- Roseanna is featured in Flux Machine's latest music video 'Run Away'. Shot and directed by Juanma F. Pozzo. 

June '15- Commerical video shoot by Indigo Productions for 'Mindtree' with Bollywood choreography by Broadway star Monica Kapoor and Barry McNabb. 

May'15- Roseanna co produced 'Urban Dance' in DUMBO with Lily Johnson and Bj Evans, Cinematography by Arthur Woo. 

April '15- Music video directed by Arie Ohayon at Wild Pixel Productions with Vidak Radonjic as part of their 'Strings and Grace' series.

March '15- Dance video shoot at Long Beach, NY by Lily Johnson and Laura Allen, featuring dance and choreography by Morris Parker. 

February '15- Choreography by Annalisa Ledson as part of Drew University's choreography showcase, seen here in 59RPM.

February '15- Back up dancer for Quantico lead and Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra at the Education First Convention in Boston

January '15- 'Love your Curls' dance video shoot directed by Lily Johnson, Cinematography by Nick Bowzer, Produced by Bj Evans.

December '15- In their rendition of the Nutcracker, Roseanna tore it up as a hip-hopping street rat for Zeitgeist Production's 'The Purge of Christmas'

November '14- Roseanna played the green Heather at the National Alliance for Musical Theatre Conference on behalf of Samuel French.

September '14- 'Ephemera' written, choreographed and directed by Annalisa Ledson. Performed at the Tank.

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